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City Projects and Activities

Since 1914 the Richmond Hill Garden & Horticultural Society has participated in many projects which have helped to beautify our city.


In the 1930s, trees were planted that still adorn our parks and A Baskets & Barrels Planting Team

streets. Larch and evergreens growing on both sides of Mill Street at the pond were planted by our society. During the forties and fifties, flower beds were planted at Mill Pond Park. Flower beds were also planted at the Anglican, Presbyterian, United and Catholic churches, as well as rose beds at the Old Town Hall Parkette. These were all part of our Civic Improvement projects of that era. Through the years, members have continued to beautify our town, planting annuals and spring flowering bulbs at various public buildings, one of which was the Burr Pioneer Craft House on Carrville Road. Our volunteers also planted the flower barrels, window boxes and hanging baskets that lined our streets through 2014.


Richmond Hill Blooms (formerly Front Garden Recognition)

Front Garden SignsWe were keen participants in Richmond Hill’s entries in Communities in Bloom from 1997-2003, when the town won Five Blooms in the National Competition. From 2000 to 2014 we organized the Front Garden Recognition Program with the support of the Town of Richmond Hill and Royal LePage: Our Community Realty. It was an overwhelming success. Many volunteers spent hundreds of hours each year visiting beautiful gardens and distributing Front Garden Recognition signs. In 2014 more than 1,700 signs were awarded. In 2015 the program received a makeover and was reintroduced by Richmond Hill's Community Services Department as Richmond Hill Blooms.  More information


Tulip Bulb Naturalization

Tulip bulbs that would have been discarded from Town of Richmond Hill gardens in early spring are instead dried, stored and distributed to society and community members for replanting in private gardens and public areas.

 Maintaining the McLatchy Garden

Public Garden Planting and Maintenance

Over the years, our members have planted and maintained a number of public gardens (More information).


We currently tend the following:

  • Heritage Centre Herb Bed
  • Hill House Hospice Gardens
  • The Gladys McLatchy Memorial Garden
  • The Millennium Garden
  • Plants at the McConaghy Seniors’ Centre


Oak Ridges Moraine Corridor Park Schools Planting

In collaboration with several other organizations, including the local Rotary Club and the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, our society supports an annual event engaging local youth to help with the reforestation efforts in the Oak Ridges Moraine Corridor Park, a unique facility featuring 1,000 acres of former farmland, wooded areas and unique moraine kettle lakes and wetlands.  More information


Russell Tilt Park 

Russell Tilt Park Tree Stewardship

Society Past President, Russell Tilt, has a local park named in his honour!
In conjunction with Evergreen Brick Works, our society members have the opportunity to participate in a tree stewardship event that typically takes place in late summer.  More information

Community Events

We were saddened to hear of the discontinuation of the popular Mill Pond Splash in 2019, but a team of our volunteers will again be participating in Healthy Yards. More information


Other Community Involvement

The Covid-19 pandemic has curtailed many activities, such as participation in Seedy Saturday events organized by York Region and the Richmond Hill Public Library. Please check our Events Calendar.



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